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PROUSION® ...is a specialized innovative material that adjusts the living body environmenthas a unique collaborative power allowing it to mix with most materialshas a rapid effect in enhancing vigor and positively affects blood flow upon contact with the bodyis supported by achievements in research that have been accumulated since the 1990s One of the activities of our society is research on substitute medical materials.

PROUSION® has been studied as a substitute medical material, and adjusts the physical and mental balance of the individual simply by wearing and touching the material.

PROUSION® restored the basic power of health at the cellular level by causing the body to vibrate sympathetically through catalysis, resonance, and other special effects.

As absolute rules for proving these effects, we have presented medical evidence at scientific conferences concerning the removal of reactive oxygen, expression of muscle genes, improvement of peripheral blood flow, stabilization of autonomic nerves, and amplification of alpha waves. These effects are supported by achievements in research that have been accumulated since the 1990s. PROUSION® is a magical, premium material that refreshes the body and mind that have been exhausted by modern life. For the respective presentation details, please visit here.


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