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The number of professional golfer who would like to use PROUSION products is increasing for the essential tool of good physical condition.

Comments by professional golfers

Takashi Kanemoto

(won the championship by LEXUS 2010 and Mitsubishi Diamond Cup Golf 2009)
I think my blood flow has been improved after using PROUSION. When I am tired after tournament, then I wear a bracelet with PROUSION, I got relief of lameness or stiffness of my body. And also it can help to prevent fatigue. When I wear PROUSION products, I feel getting tired only after I did 100% volumes of training, though I normally feel tired when I did 80% volumes of training.
When I don’t feel well, I’ll wear PROUSION products. I make good use of PROUSION in accordance with my body condition.

Takeshi Kajikawa

(got the 2nd place at Coca Cola Tokai Classic 2009)
I was suffering from stiffness of my neck, shoulder and back. The effects were so real. PROUSION eye mask reduces not only eyestrain, but also tired brain. I felt “I can improve my blood current.”
Looking back on my experience, I hardly ever get colds since I started to use PROUSION products. Thanks to PROUSION, my immunity seems to have boosted. I think it is useful for keeping good physical condition.

Ms. Erimo Ikeuchi

I have been using PROUSION bed pad, cosmetics and inner wears. Once a week I had been in bed filled with a feeling of weakness because I got exhausted easily in the past, and I had oral-labial herpes couples of times every month.
Prouison bed pad is so effective in recovering fatigue that I have no trouble of waking up anymore. I don’t need any sleeping in bed due to weakness or fatigue. My oral-labial herpes went away. To my surprise, I got oral-labial herpes again actually when I slept without PROUSION bed pad. So, I strongly believe the effect of PROUSION.
On the other hand, PROUSION has a effect not only on physical body but also autonomic nerve system. Thanks to PROUSION, my condition is well-balanced in mind and body.

Ms. Marimo Ikeuchi

The same as my sister, I can sleep soundly and I can wake up in a good mood with PROUSION bed pad. When I wear PROUSION inner suits, I get less fatigue and I feel my body lightly. My body seems to be healed from its core. I feel stable in mind, too. I believe it helps keeping my condition.
I also use cosmetics which nano sized PROUSION is mixed. It is very helpful that I can keep my good skin with it not only normal case, but also after suntan when I took part in tournaments.

I have got relief from the after-trouble by traffic accident, which I’ve been suffering from pins-and-needles in my hands, stiff shoulders and migraine headache for 30 years.
Getting over from various disorders, the beauty effect is also expected.

Comments by public users

Ms. Mitsue Saito

I was involved in a traffic accident 30 years ago, since then I have been suffering from after-trouble all the time. Actual symptoms are pins-and-needles in my hands, intense stiff shoulders and frequent migraine headache might have been brought by injury on my head at that time.
That is PROUSION which dissolved such all disorders. When I was 60 years old, the chance has come. Someone recommended the PROUSION mixed jewelry. I thought it’s strange at first. Yet I thought it seemed worth believing when I heard the explanation.
So, I decided to purchase it.
To my surprise, the effects were much more than I expected. Thanks to PROUSION, I restored my youth and vigorous energy. I am enjoying a happy pension life now.
The woman would like to be beautiful as long as she is alive. So, we would like to choose things really good for our beauty and health. And also we would like to put on years beautifully.
It is entirely satisfactory if I wear the PROUSION mixed jewelry, being healthy and beauty. I recommend all the people as I proved its efficacy by myself.