Japan Health Project Promotion Society

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We, NPO (non-profit organization) Japan Health Project Promotion Society regard as our basic philosophy, “The health of person begins from the prevention of disease and the health of the Earth depends on preserving its environment.”

We perform the backup support of medical study regarding health-related material. We hold seminars and forums on the subject of maintenance/increase/recovery of health. We support to ensure better health of youth through sports activities, constructing a network with civil groups.

Through these activities, we would like to contribute to supporting the health promotion of each individual person and building up his / her living environment in which he/she can spend a full life.

The PROUSION research historical report in the School of Pharmacy, Fudan University.
Effects of prousion on scavenging free radicals
Effects of prousion on rabbit models with high plasma lipid


Candidates for overseas sales distributors,representatives and various fields of manufacturers.